Club Red this Friday, Sponsored by DoIT and TLT!

Club Red, the University Club for faculty and professional staff, will meet in the Simons Center Café and lobby on Friday, April 14th from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. The complimentary catering is sponsored by the DoIT and Teaching, Learning & Technology. Wine and beer will be available at $5 and soft drinks $2. RSVP is requested at ( to ensure that our highly regarded Chef Paolo can plan accordingly.

Club Red is intended as an informal gathering opportunity for faculty and staff from all departments in the University, East and West Campuses. Attendance is not limited to people affiliated with the sponsor. Your support and attendance are welcomed (and vital!) to establish a more permanent University Club and facility at Stony Brook.

You can support Club Red events by purchasing a personal membership.  Details can be found here.

To sign up for our mailing list for Club Red events, use this link: or click on the “subscribe” link at the bottom right part of the website you are currently reading.


One last question, if we have a number of fridays that are not available at the Café, would you be interested in an informal and non-sponsored gathering at an off campus location? (Such as an off campus pub?)

Are you interested in hanging out off campus on non-sponsored fridays (4:30-6:30)?

Are you interested in hanging out off campus on non-sponsored fridays (4:30-6:30)?



2 thoughts on “Club Red this Friday, Sponsored by DoIT and TLT!

  1. Michele McTernan

    After a mysterious cancellation and silence lasting weeks, it’s very disappointing to see that Club Red is coming out of hiding on a major religious holiday.
    I don’t know the numbers, but Good Friday is one of the most significant holidays for Christian faculty and staff.
    The lack of communication followed by a lack of consideration does not reflect well on Club Red.

    • [email protected]

      Hi Michele,

      Yes Club Red has had some problems in the last few weeks which we’re trying to correct. Sorry about the miscommunications.
      Re Good Friday, this was one of only 2 remaining dates available as given to us by the Café who is a big supporter of our events. So we either accepted these two dates or no more Club Red for the semester.
      Frankly we’re just trying to keep Club Red alive and running; and it is by no means certain that we will. It is a work in progress.

      Although scheduling an event on a holiday always is uncertain as to attendance, no disrespect was intended. The scheduling conflict with holidays usually refers to compulsory events (like exams) not purely optional activities. We had about 70 attendees and I must say this is the first I’ve heard this objection.

      That said, thank you for your feedback and you’re point is well-taken.

      Fred Friedberg
      Co-chair, Club Red Committee

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