We would like to thank the following people who have bought personal Club Red Memberships:

J. Rafael Aguayo – Basic
Mary Ann Bernero – Basic
Mary Cooper – Basic
Iris Fineberg – Basic
Fred Friedberg
Aaron Godfrey – Silver
Norman GoodmanGold
Linwood Lee – Basic
Harvard Lyman – Basic
Ken MacDowell – Basic
Marshall Newton – Basic
William Rofrano – Basic
Trevor Sears – Silver
Sean Stoll – Basic
Nancy Tomes – Diamond
Fred Walter – Basic
Gerrit Wolf – Gold



How to purchase a membership

$100 is the basic membership fee and is much appreciated. To those who wish to be even stronger supporters of Club Red, a higher level of financial support is welcomed!

Please consider your membership level:

___$100 (Basic)

___$150 (Silver)

___$200 (Gold)

___$300 and above  (Diamond)


Please make checks payable to: Faculty Student Association

Mail checks to (internal zip 3350):

Jennifer Adams
Club Red Co-Chair
Melville Library
The Faculty Center S-1461

(or find either of us at a Club Red event and hand us a check!)


Our Goals

Your membership supports the larger goals of Club Red;  which primarily revolve around develop a greater sense of community and boost campus morale at SBU.  Club Red represents a unique opportunity to meet your colleagues from other departments across our sprawling campus in a comfortable and attractive after-hours setting.  This has rarely happened because such inclusive community events are not built into campus life.  Club Red is our dedicated effort to provide that type of shared experience and elevate the sense of community. If you believe as we do, that these goals are important, please support Club Red by purchasing a membership. In the long-term, your ongoing support opens up the possibility of a future investment by the university administration in a dedicated Club Red space or facility.

All funds go to Club Red events

All membership funds will go directly from our FSA account to the venue to pay catering fees for Club Red open dates and/or enhancing the larger goals of Club Red. The FSA will keep a complete and transparent record of our expenditures.