Club Red this Friday, Sponsored by the University Libraries

Club Red, the University Club for faculty and professional staff, will meet in the Simons Center Cafe on Friday, Sept. 18th from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. The complimentary food offering is sponsored by the University Libraries. Wine and beer will be available at $5 and soft drinks $2.  RSVP is requested at ( to ensure that our highly regarded Chef Paolo can plan accordingly.

We are now looking for Club Red sponsors for Friday dates after Oct 9th. Please use the website ( to request a date to sponsor our Friday meeting at the Simon’s Center Cafe. Your support will allow us to make Club Red a regular university event!

Club Red is intended as an informal gathering opportunity for faculty and staff from all departments in the University, East and West Campuses.  Your support and attendance are welcomed (and vital!) to establish a more permanent university club and facility at Stony Brook.  Such a facility will help Stony Brook to stand out among AAU campuses and enhance our ability to recruit and retain faculty and professional staff.



Club Red Meets Tonight

The University Senate is pleased to announce a  Club Red Reboot Event!

The first Club Red of the semester will meet TODAY, Friday the 13th 4:30-6:30 at the Simons Center Cafe.

This night is sponsored financially by the University Senate Executive Committee because we are committed to the University Club and will sponsor the food for the night. Wine and beer will remain at $5 and soft drinks at $2.

We also have reserved the Simons Center for Club Red every Friday for the remainder of the semester (except March 20). Sponsorship opportunities are available. So far President Stanley, Provost Assanis, Vice-President Kaushansky, TEDxSBU have committed to sponsoring refreshments for a specific week. If you are interested in sponsoring a night please contact The cost is $250 and the promise to advertise the event. We’ll put your name on the website, and put a poster at the top of the stairs with information about your organization.

We are still considering Thursday events at the Hilton Garden Inn and will keep you posted.

Special thanks to Aaron Godfrey and the University Affairs Committee for all their hard work on behalf of Club Red. They began this wonderful opportunity for faculty and staff from different segment of campus to interact.

Hope to see you there!

Dr. Margaret Schedel
Associate Professor Music / cDACT
Director of Undergraduate Studies
President of the Arts and Sciences Senate
Chair, Committee for Club Red
Stony Book University